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"I have always found it difficult to lose weight. When I first heard about garciniacambogia supplements, I was skeptical. I did a lot of research on what is the right amount of HCA to go in these pills. This product seemed to meet all the parameters. It's been two months and I have lost 8 pounds! I feel so energized and beautiful. Thank you Garcinia."

- Jessica, Washington D.C.

"I am an ardent loyalist for facts, figures and statistics. Seeing concrete and verifiable facts on the site boosted my trust in the brand. I have just started using the supplements and I can already feel my crazy appetite coming under control. I feel so pumped up that I have enrolled in a gym as well."

- Nathan, Kansas

"I have been trying to lose weight for years! I love exercising but eat a lot of pastries and processed food. Garcinia extract helped bring down my cravings. I feel happier and more energetic as well. Thank you. You are way more than a weight-loss supplement."

- Destiny, Texas

"It hurts like hell when your partner criticizes you because of your weight. I went through the same for nearly a year before I finally decided to do something about it. I joined a gym, started eating healthy and included Garcinia supplements to my diet. I lost 6 pounds in the first 3 months. From being 200 pounds heavy, I am currently 180 pounds and happier than ever. My partner is happier now and I myself feel healthy. It was tough initially but now I have started enjoying the whole process. Garcinia Pure Extract contributed a lot to my successful weight loss. I'd personally recommend it to anybody trying to lose weight fast and in a safe manner. However, you should choose what suits you the best."

- Anna, Dayton Ohio

"I loooove eating cupcakes, brownies and anything sweet! No matter how much I exercise, I find it hard to keep off the weight. When I heard about garciniacambogia supplements, I got really excited. It also seemed really safe to take. I have been taking it for two months now and, trust me, I feel nothing even if a huge chocolate cake's right in front of me. I still eat my favorite food but way in moderation. Thank you! Love you guys."

- Brooke, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"I eat well and exercise regularly but I have always found it really tough to lose weight. I think it's something to do with the fact that I have PCOD; a metabolic syndrome that can make you gain excess weight.I decided that I needed some extra help in my fitness regimen. I read up on garciniacambogia supplements and felt compelled to try them out.How was I to know that all the years that I have spent working so hard and gaining nothing would be redeemed by just 3 months of using Garcinia!It's brought my cravings and my insulin resistance in control. My exercising and dieting is more fruitful now (I have lost 4 pounds!). Nature is truly amazing and you people are even more awesome for packing "nature's love into a bottle". Thank you so much!"

- Chloe, Nevada

"I am a hardcore bodybuilder! I hate to admit it but I have tried a lot of synthetic supplements for getting an attractive, muscular body. When I read about studies on garciniacambogia supplements and how they can help increase your lean muscle mass, I was hooked! I ordered a bottle from (seemed to me the most authentic site out there) and I am so glad I did. I am able to bust fat faster lean muscle mass has actually increased. And the best thing about it is that there are absolutely no side's so safe to take. Thanks. You guys are doing a great job!"

- Tyler, Kansas

"I have had a bad experience with garcinia supplements earlier. They said they had 60% of HCA but the pills didn't seem to be working. Believe it or not, I got them tested at a laboratory (where a friend works) and it just had 13.5% HCA! No wonder it didn't work. I got your supplements tested too, to be frank. And they have the percentage of HCA you claim them to do.With an increased faith in your credibility, I started taking these supplements along with following my regular, balanced diet and attending my five-times a week dance classes it goes...I have lost 10 pounds in 2 and a half months! I love GarciniaCambogia. Your product is absolutely authentic and it rocks!"

- Zachary, Cleveland Ohio

"I gain weight real quick. I think it's got something to do with 'genetics'. My mother and grandmother have also always complained of a slow metabolism. I readGarcinia's claims of how these pills speed up your metabolism and I was like, "I have GOT to get this!" It's been only a month since I have started using these pills but I can already feel the fat melting away! I do exercise and it's not like I have given up a healthy lifestyle but the fact is that there is a huge difference in how effective my exercise and dieting is now! I can eat loads without seeming to gain an ounce. In fact, I have lost 3.5 pounds in a month and better still, I feel really energetic and LIGHT. Thank you Garcinia Pure Extract."

- Abigail, Nevada

"I feel so happy! I know these are weight-loss pills but they might as well have been anti-depressants.I am happy that I have lost weight! I am happy in general. I am happy without a reason!My serotonin levels must have been really skewed because I haven't felt this good in a long time.I don't eat on impulse now. I don't feel like. I feel no cravings. Except for the craving for life!Haha...I may sound a bit philosophical but these pills really fill you up with energy, lower your stress and make you feel so good. Love you - You have turned my life around!"

- Avery, Little Rock Arkansas

"I gained weight after my marriage like the water comes out of a fire hydrant, quickly and in huge amounts. I gained around 15 pounds in three months due to a hectic lifestyle and poor eating habits. I started noticing it when my clothes got really tight. It hurt a lot, so I joined a gym, but exercising hurt even more so I stopped going there after a week. I also tried dieting but who was I kidding? It was around Christmas so I decided I needed cake more than I needed to fit in my best clothes. Anyway, a friend of mine suggested trying supplements. I was reluctant at first, but then I thought what's there to lose (except some pounds)? I added a garciniacambogia supplement to my weight loss regime and I must say I'm very happy with the results. I have gotten half of my wardrobe back in the ‘can-fit-into-with-a-little-struggle-category' along with my sense of humor.”

- Ashley, Washington

"I am a dietician. I never endorse any short-cuts to losing weight. But garciniacambogia isn't just about losing weight. It has a host of other benefits and weight loss is just a result of all that it does for your body.I really appreciate the way nature can provide you with ways to get your system in check. I have not only lost weight but my over-all health has improved.These supplements should be advertised as 'well-being supplements' rather than 'weight loss supplements'.As a dietician, I completely stand by the scientific know-how about how Garcinia works mentioned on this site. Just don't overdo it. Take the recommended dosage!"

- Anjali, Boston MA

"I gained a lot of weight after I started working. With no time left for exercise and poor eating habits, I seemed to be setting myself up for major health problems. I tried to include exercise in my life by working out late at night...but I just kept on gaining weight.I came across your site and it immediately caught my attention. I researched garciniacambogia supplements on the net as well...and I felt pretty encouraged to try them out. It's been two months and I have lost more than 3 pounds. I feel so energetic and light as well.I do not sit holed up in my room on the weekends now. Garcinia Extract won me back my social life. I have more fun working too!”

- Luke,Louisiana

"I had always been a little overweight since my adolescent years. I tried nearly every medicine, trick and every single old wives' tales to shed some pounds, but nothing worked. I was depressed, made fun of and very unhappy with my obesity. My social life was nearly non-existent as I hated going out and interacting with other people.After a week long research on the web, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and ordered a garciniacambogia supplement from an online vendor. I can say that was the best decision I have ever taken in my life. I lost around 6 pounds in about three months. Today, I'm proud of myself and I don't hate going out anymore."

- Sophia, Utah

"I am 25 and around 195 pounds. Six months ago, I was also 25, 5'9" tall :) but 220 pounds. I have been battling obesity since my pre-teens. I used to be made fun of in the school, always used to be picked last in any sports activities. Similarly, in adulthood I lacked confidence and was quite introverted. It's not that I never tried. I tried every trick, started working out, ate healthy etc. but I guess one thing that was missing from my weight loss process was including a weight loss supplement. A friend I know had been using GarciniaPure Extract and he lost a lot of weight quickly. He persuaded me to try it out and I did. And it was exactly what I needed and had been dreaming about all these years. I lost 4 pounds in the first 3 months and I'm still on a promising journey to my target weight."

- William, Salt Lake UT

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